Bees & Wasps Removal

Bee & Wasp Pest Control in Melbourne

Premier Pest Management is fully capable of carrying out bee and wasp pest control for Melbourne homes and businesses. Our specialists are highly trained and experienced, allowing them to get the job done properly. We’re based primarily in and around the western suburbs, but we’re willing to travel beyond these areas to lend assistance.

We discourage people from attempting to eradicate bees or wasps unless they have the full range of protective equipment and professional knowledge for the circumstances. Fortunately, we have both and we can be trusted to achieve the best possible results. Whether you need wasp nest removal in Melbourne or bee hive removal in Melbourne, we’ve got you covered.

The Importance of Removing Bee Hives and Wasp Nests

Bees and wasps can be a serious problem, especially during the summer months of the year when they become far more prevalent due to higher temperatures. Their venom is highly toxic, which can cause hideous swelling among other symptoms of varying severity. A swarm of bees or wasps can be extremely aggressive and may attack a person in such large numbers as to cause serious injury or even death in the most extreme cases. Our bee exterminator and wasp exterminator in Melbourne can safely remove bee hives and wasp nests to prevent these nasty outcomes.

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