Altona North Pest Control

Rick G from Altona North, Victoria 3025 commented

Our home in Altona north has been infested with rats for a while even our cats are struggling to keep up with catching them. We were fortunate to have found Maurie’s Pest Control service in town which helped us tremendously.

We have done our research as many would have and Maurie’s quote was very affordable to our budget. Maurie came around and handled everything within an hour. He was very helpful and planted all of the baits inside the house in a hidden place away from the kids in every room.

The results were almost instant within a week. We were able to sleep better at night without hearing those rats noise we had to put up with many nights. Maurie’s pest control service was super and I have to say the best in Altona North. If you are looking for a great bargain for a pest control service then you have to give Maurie a call for his friendly service.

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